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Botox Injections For Headaches and Migraines: How Does it Work?

Botox is the most lethal substance, natural poison, on the planet. It’s kind of interesting that we’ve taken it and diluted it and now we use it for medical reasons…. Read more »

[강병선 침뜸] 허리 오방뜸 (five point moxibustion for lower back pain)

Hello, this is Dr Kang, Byeongseon from Kangbyeoseon TV. The patient lying on his abdomen is Julian Choi. You received one treatment for your lower back last time. How do… Read more »

Guided Meditation for Headache

hey guys welcome back today’s top you hello this is doctor singer and we’re going to do a relaxation meditation for the relief of headaches before you begin take note… Read more »