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Surviving Actual Military Combat (True Story)

Note to our viewers: due to the sensitive nature of some of the details in this episode, certain elements have been changed to protect operational security. At least three city… Read more »

Why do we get Headaches? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Why do we get Headaches? Because of your questions Dude. Very Funny. Many of us have experienced pain in our upper neck or head at some point…. Read more »

Three stages of stress response – Intro to Psychology

So, thanks Susan. So, how does our body respond to stress? Well, a physiologist by the name of Hans Selye studied this, and he discovered that there were in fact… Read more »

Diesel feminized marijuana strain by Dinafem Seeds

Hello everyone. This is Jásminka, from Dinafem Seeds. And today I am with one of the most famous girls in New York. This cannabis plant is very well known in… Read more »

Karen Hansen, MD, UW Health Rheumatology and Arthritis

>>I first started working only in the rheumatology clinic seeing patients with rheumatic diseases, but then I was invited to participate in the specialty osteoporosis clinic within the endocrine division…. Read more »