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Antioxidantien: Schutzstoffe gegen oxidativen Stress 🥊💪

Free radicals are particularly reactive oxygen compounds. They are constantly produced in our bodies, with every breath. Our bodies do need a few free radicals: our immune systems, for example,… Read more »

Orange and Walnut Salad for Rheumatoid Arthritis

♪ [music playing– no dialogue] ♪♪. Hello, my name is Elise Truman, and I’m a graduate dietetics student here at Eastern Illinois University. Today, I’m going to be talking to… Read more »

Engineering Stress and Strain

For this screencast we are going to discuss how to calculate engineering stress and engineering strain As a reminder these values are the axis of our stress-strain diagram. Where stress… Read more »

ATTENTION: Football Players Who’ve Suffered Brain Injury or Concussion: Call 1-800-494-8686

Attention! The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of professional football players with brain injuries, clearing the way for a $1 Billion settlement. if you played college or professional football… Read more »