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“The Risk: Know the Signs of a Concussion” (:15)

[Music and sound effects] [Title: DON’T RISK EVERYTHING. Know the signs of a concussion.] [Title: Hit. Stop. Sit. Ontario.ca/concussions] [Ontario logo] [Title: Paid for by the Government of Ontario.]

How to minimize hangovers

The indulgences of summer can come back to haunt you. Hangovers can cause headaches, nausea and an overall horrible feeling. Scientist and emergency physician Dr. Clare Atzema says, all that… Read more »

Alcohol, Marijuana use by Teens Tied to Concussion Risk

(Image source: Raising Arizona Kids) 
BY JASMINE BAILEY Athletes aren’t the only ones at higher risk for concussions — a new study shows teens who drink alcohol or smoke pot… Read more »

How to prevent the flu

As a family doctor on the frontlines, Dr. Sharon Domb does this all day long. The biggest thing that I do is handwashing and that transfers over from work to… Read more »

Why Is My Lower Back Sore After Deadlifting & How Do I Fix This?

How’s it going everyone my name is AJ and today I’m going to answer a fitness question. Anybody who wants to make serious strength gains and define their upper and… Read more »

Upper Back Pain & Posture Relief. Wall Fly Stretch. Euclid Chiropractic

– We’ve got a video for you from Euclid Chiropractic in Upland. We’re chiropractors in Upland Claremont Cucamonga. This video helps the upper back here, get stronger especially after your… Read more »

Back Pain & Neuropathy Recovey – Danny’s Case

– Hello, this is Dr. Tony. I want to talk about Danny’s case and why he’s better, okay? Here’s Danny’s first x-ray. On his x-ray, I’ll show you in a… Read more »