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Managing stress, anxiety and fatigue in pregnancy with arthritis – Emer Sheridan

So it’s very normal in all those stages of pregnancy from pre-planning right through to the very end and the post-pregnancy period to experience stress and anxiety. I’m Emer Sheridan,… Read more »

What Therapy is needed after a concussion?

Welcome to a discussion about concussion I’m Geoffrey Lauer with the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and I’m pleased this morning to be with Megan Andresen and Rene Crumley. They’re… Read more »

Concussion Recovery [Car Accident] [Chloe’s Story] (2016)

My name is Chloe Burwell, and a year ago I was hit by a car. Immediately following the accident, I had really bad headaches. I just wasn’t myself, I didn’t… Read more »

Introducing Arthritis Life!

Hi, I’m Cheryl I have rheumatoid arthritis and I’m an occupational therapist, a healthcare field that helps people with disabilities succeed with everyday tasks. I created Arthritis Life to educate,… Read more »