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Psicodélicos para iluminar la conciencia | Enzo Tagliazucchi | TEDxRiodelaPlata

Translator: Sebastian Betti Reviewer: Gisela Giardino I wasn’t always this big. I was once smaller. When I was younger, about this size, I was scared of things. Well, now too,… Read more »

The Selfish Benefits of Kindness

The other day I was in a coffee shop and the guy in front of me yelled at the barista because his grande caramel frappuccino was a double shot instead… Read more »

Nobody Really Knows What A Concussion Is

Hi, this is Julián from MinuteEarth. Millions of people are diagnosed with concussions each year. In addition to immediate concerns like headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, concussions have been linked with… Read more »