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Guided Meditation for Stress Relief | Grounding | Belonging | Connection

Let in some fresh air into your room or go outside for this one if the weather is pleasant. Sit down or lay back. Allow for the body to feel… Read more »

Stress Testing Giant Sequoias | That’s Amazing

(pleasant piano music) – [Narrator] California’s iconic sequoias are the largest trees on Earth. These giants have lived for thousands of years, surviving war, famine and the rise of globalization,… Read more »

How to Heal Arthritis and Osteoporosis Naturally at 73

John: Alright, this is John Kohler with okraw.com and this episode is actually interview my friend, Cecilia Star, who I actually met at a Woodstock fruit festival, and she got… Read more »

Personal Perspectives on Psoriatic Arthritis: The Toughest Trail | WebMD

Alicia Anderson: I’ve always been very active. I used to do backpacking, running, biking. I ran duathlons. 15,000 steps a day was my norm. I like hiking and camping, personally,… Read more »

Neck & Back Pain : Simple & Easiest Remedy

Hello, Everyone suffers from back pain. Even in schools we study with bad posture. Also back pain occurs while doing office work on computer. There is a remedy which you… Read more »