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Surviving Actual Military Combat (True Story)

Note to our viewers: due to the sensitive nature of some of the details in this episode, certain elements have been changed to protect operational security. At least three city… Read more »

Jocko Podcast 201 w/ Ryan Manion: “The Knock at the Door”

this is Jocko podcast number 201 with echo Charles and me Jocko willing good evening echo good evening I had left my daughter Maggie with my parents while I and… Read more »

Jocko Podcast 149 with Jim and James Webb: Fields Of Fire. US Marine Corps

this is Jocko podcast number 149 with Echo Charles and me Jacques are willing good evening echo good evening all my life I’ve waited for this now I’ve joined you… Read more »

U.S. stresses need for fair defense cost sharing deal with S. Korea ahead of talks

ahead of the fourth round of defense cost-sharing talks with South Korea next week the US State Department has once again stressed the need for a fair and reasonable deal… Read more »

Indiana University Changing Lives through Research: Concussions

[MUSIC] Soccer is very fast paced, and it’s pretty physical, especially playing in the Big Ten. The kind of style of play is pretty physical.>>It was always kind of interesting… Read more »

Spinal Fusion | Richard Shetter’s Story

[MUSIC] The heart of soldier’s, it’s filled with love. It’s filled with loyalty, integrity. As a veteran I’ve learned to overcome adversities. I’ve suffered lots of hard times. Nothing that… Read more »