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Concussion Symptoms: How long do they last?

First question is this your first concussion that you’re talking about? Lke just, or is this successive? First. So I would say again comes down to the why. What concussion… Read more »

Three Month Headache

I can’t wait to offload it. I’ve got a really bad headache right now. I’ve had it for about three months now. It’s been budget month in D.C. Anyway. There’s… Read more »

Changes in Approach to Concussion Since the 80s

Well, you know, my career started with very few people being interested in concussion at all. So back in the late 80s when I started working in this and writing… Read more »

Concussion Care: Combining Conventional and Alternative Treatments

When I was asked to help stand up the NICOE we were offered the opportunity to combine conventional Western if you will medical approaches, much of which was just becoming… Read more »

Systems Addressing the Lingering Effects of Concussion

There’s such an interest in this, the whole topic of concussion and the lingering affect, to some extent the worrisome pieces of it that we know about as well with… Read more »

More About Daughter’s Concussion

There was some neuroimaging done on the day of her accident, is that right? Yes, Talk to me about that that process. So, because it is Canada and we have… Read more »