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5 Foods That Trigger Migraine Headaches

Hi there I’m Anna. Today I will discuss 5 Foods that trigger migraine headaches. If you suffer from migraines regularly, you might already have a list of causes that you… Read more »

Headaches, Anxiety & Insomnia Helped by NUCCA | Intouch Chiropractic

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20 Years of Migraines Improved with Gonstead!

(upbeat music) – Can you show me again where you’re having the headaches? – Here. On both sides. – It’s on both sides? – Yeah. – It goes from here,… Read more »

Neck tension and Headaches Relieved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder Co.

I’m Kayla I’m 25 almost 26 years old and I’m an athletic trainer. I met Dr. Cristina Coblish originally with a lot of skepticism towards chiropractic treatment, I’ve had a… Read more »