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Psicodélicos para iluminar la conciencia | Enzo Tagliazucchi | TEDxRiodelaPlata

Translator: Sebastian Betti Reviewer: Gisela Giardino I wasn’t always this big. I was once smaller. When I was younger, about this size, I was scared of things. Well, now too,… Read more »

Mental Health with an Ostomy

Hi, I’m Laura Cox, Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, and today I wanted to talk about mental health before and after ostomy surgery. I feel like I can’t neglect mental… Read more »

Three Month Headache

I can’t wait to offload it. I’ve got a really bad headache right now. I’ve had it for about three months now. It’s been budget month in D.C. Anyway. There’s… Read more »

Changes in Approach to Concussion Since the 80s

Well, you know, my career started with very few people being interested in concussion at all. So back in the late 80s when I started working in this and writing… Read more »

Mental distress and the criminal justice system – Donna’s Story

Three years ago I thought this was it. I thought, fucking life, I even thought about ending it, you know. I never ever thought I’d be where I am today…. Read more »

“The Worry List” by Erin Gallagher – This Is My Brave High School Pilot 2019

My name is Erin and this piece is called the worry list I wrote this three years ago in 2016 following the death of my son by suicide I want… Read more »

When We Feel Depressed

We are not here to converse about how we feel when we are hungry, or how we react when we bleed due to an accident- all of which can be… Read more »