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Menstrual Pain Treatment Woman Stress Free

An unwelcome monthly visitor, the menstrual pain. Do not suppress, but treat the menstrual pain with Woman Stress free. The Woman Stress Free is not a painkiller for temporary relief…. Read more »

Ultrasound strain reliefs – OEM versus improperly remanufactured components

Hi everyone Larry Nguyen with Summit Imaging again an ultrasound and mammography equipment support organization and another quality tip that we’re bringing to you on our YouTube channel is another… Read more »

Neurology – Weakness, Paralysis, Paresis and/or Loss of Motion: By Charles Kassardjian M.D.

Weakness can be due to a large number of problems arising anywhere from the brain, to the spinal cord, to the peripheral nerves, to the neuromuscular junction and the muscles… Read more »