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Massage Techniques : How to Give a Face Massage to Relieve Sinus Congestion

Hi, did you know that you can give a facial massage to relieve sinus congestion? I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae and I’m going to show you how. Here I’m going… Read more »

Acupressure Therapy : How to Use Acupressure Points for Migraine Headaches

So with difficulty with migraines. Well, I really feel for you, those could be extremely severe. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine Specialist and Pain… Read more »

Shiatsu Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Use Shiatsu for a Migraine Headache

Shiatsu, originating from Japan has been used for centuries to treat the energy system of the body for health and wellness. Hi, my name is Christina Bjergo. I’m a shiatsu,… Read more »

Dog Acupressure for Hip Dysplasia : Dog Acupressure Points for General Arthritis

Now once you’ve done those points that are very specific for the hip area you are going to want to transition into the points that are for general hip dysplasia… Read more »