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Dr. Christopher Oakley

Hi, my name’s Chris Oakley. I am an assistant professor in the department of neurology with a special focus in child neurology. I’m unique in a way that I have… Read more »

#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Treating Substance Abuse – Eric Strain, M.D.

[MUSIC] There are over 20 million people in the United States who have a substance abuse problem, such as alcoholism or illicit drug use. Millions more use tobacco. Only about… Read more »

Meet Our Expert: Nauman Tariq, M.B.B.S.

>>Hi I’m Dr. Nauman Tariq. I’m the Director of the Johns Hopkins Headache Center. I treat a variety of headaches, face pain, and neck pain. My special interest is in… Read more »

Vestibular Neuritis – Angela’s Story

[MUSIC] April 24, 2015. There’s just some days you just never forget. I was outside giving my dogs their last little walk, and I had no balance, and things started… Read more »

Dr. William Stiers | Neuropsychology

>>Hi, I’m Dr. William Stiers. I’m an Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I’m a Rehabilitation Psychologist and Neuropsychologist and I work in the Department of… Read more »