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How to Manage High Cholesterol

(lighthearted music) If you’ve been told that you have high cholesterol, you’re not alone. It’s something that affects millions of Americans. There are many different risk factors that contribute to… Read more »

Managing High Blood Pressure With Lifestyle Changes

KENDRA: My name is Kendra, and I have high blood pressure, and I was diagnosed in 2006. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a single mom. I never exercised. I… Read more »

Work related stress – Video interviews – Dan’s Story – Part 1

Tell me about your job? I’m a housing officer initially I really liked my job I liked helping people and knowing what I’d achieved at the end of the day…. Read more »

Stress at Work – Stress Management Funny

stressed at work? exploding head syndrome is a common cause of absenteeism in the workplace for stress management & resilience training well-being training and time management training to stop it… Read more »

Medication & Arthritis

Hello I’m Wendy Holden and I’m a consultant rheumatologist and medical advisor to Arthritis Action. People with arthritis can sometimes manage their symptoms without any medication at all but most… Read more »

Exercises for sciatica: degenerative disc disease | NHS

EXERCISES FOR SCIATICA DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE My name is Sammy Margo and I’m a chartered physiotherapist. Today I’m going to talk to you about degenerative disc disease. The main aim… Read more »