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Running And Lower Back Pain | Sports Injury Rehab In McKinney Texas

Running And Lower Back Pain 0:00:02.590,0:00:04.339 DR Richard Miller Sports Injury Rehab performance chiropractic to decide on top of our what i do for you if your honor you’re gettin… Read more »

Towson Chiropractor Spinal Decompression For Lower Back Pain

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Towson area chiropractor. And today we’ve got Ashley, and Ashley is demonstrating our spinal decompression table that… Read more »

Back Pain Relief : Back Pain Avoidance Through Stretching

Hi! I’m Dr. Eric Sayer from Sayer Family Chiropractic. I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment of the video, we’re just going to talk about certain stretches… Read more »

Exercises to Reduce Back Pain : Exercises for Back Pain Relief: Hug Knees to Chest

So the next exercise that you can perform to reduce lower back pain is simple. It’s just lying on the mat with your knees in. This really helps to stretch… Read more »