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K Johnson – The Strain (Official Video)

Man aint nothing wrong with smoking weed Weed is from the earth God put this here for me and you Take advantage man Broke it down like a lecture You… Read more »

[강병선 침뜸] 허리 오방뜸 (five point moxibustion for lower back pain)

Hello, this is Dr Kang, Byeongseon from Kangbyeoseon TV. The patient lying on his abdomen is Julian Choi. You received one treatment for your lower back last time. How do… Read more »

People Get Korean Body Scrubs For The First Time

(squeaking) (jazzy music) – I’ve never been to the spa. – I’m expecting lots of nudity from what I’ve heard. – The closest I’ve gone is having my head massaged… Read more »