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5 Reasons Shopping Stresses Us Out

♫ Where in the world is ♫ Superwoman today ♫ Toronto, land of the home. What up, everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman. And I know a lot of you are… Read more »

The Time Zack Morris Stabbed Screech In The Back To Hook Up With Lisa

♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell ringing) – [Narrator] Kelly bothers Zack with a drink he ordered. She wonders about life after graduation. – Hopefully, I’ll be at college,… Read more »

Why Birthdays Are Stressful!

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? In a rainbow, I mean, in Toronto. Six side! What up everyone, it’s your girl, Superwoman. And it’s my birthday this Saturday…. Read more »

“I’m So Stressed” Song

I’m so stressed I’m so stressed If I get a “B” I’ll be depressed. Please help me be less stressed. Glad you called Live and lol Just laugh and you’ll… Read more »

I Don’t Have a Concussion!!

♪♪[cheering][knock on door] Whitney! I love you. What are you doing here? I came to see my girlfriend after a no-good, very bad– Day? Car accident. What? Are you okay?… Read more »

Why Hotels Are Stressful!

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? In New York. Welcome everyone, it’s your girl, Superwoman, and I am in a hotel. ♫ Motel, Holiday Inn ♫ And this… Read more »

Bat Fight Fever with Will Ferrell & Adam McKay (10 Years of Funny Or Die – 2009)

(upbeat music) – 2009 is the year of too many choices. It’s also, if you were a swimsuit aficionado, Christie Brinkley. – [Adam] Oh my god, the beautiful Christie Brinkley…. Read more »

STACKED Ep. 4 – Fever Pitch | G2 League of Legends

CAPS: This week of scrims, we had a lot of sick people, so we actually ended up canceling some of our scrims and we didn’t really get that much practice,… Read more »