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Stress Free & Hands Free Way to Give a Cat Liquid Medicine

Hi. This is Jackie with Den Herder Veterinary Hospital. I am going to show you the hands-free no stress way to give your kitten, this is my kitten Leo, liquid… Read more »

Acupressure Points & Techniques : Acupressure Points for Lower Back Pain

We are at Sun Hoa Long Clinic, located in Chinatown, New York City. We are going to be doing some acupressure points that are equivalent to doing acupuncture with needles…. Read more »

Neck & Back Pain Relief Walk In Clinic

And now please enjoy this Chiropractic adjustment video by Dr Marquez our Vineland and Murrells Inlet area Chiropractor at Back Pain Relief Center I did loose 6 lbs. A little… Read more »

Spinal Manipulation For Chronic Mid Back Pain

Hi I am Dr Staci Avakian here at Back Pain Relief Center. We have a patient here today she has been having a lot of shoulder discomfort and pain as… Read more »