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Low Back Pain Relief: Jane Fondas !

So if the leg is straight down in line with my body, I’m bringing it forward slightly and then I’m pointing my toes like the gymnasts do, and then I’m… Read more »

Converse Hydro dipping + Embroidery (HOW TO) custom shoes pt.1

Oh what up so today I’m gonna show you how to hydro dip and embroider on a pair of Converse Converse Converse Converse this just in breaking news plain shoes… Read more »

Who Can Crochet the Best Pinterest Craft?

What uppp! so today I’m actually doing something special we’re gonna be doing a craft off me versus Romney and for those who don’t know Romney’s actually the one that… Read more »

Concussion Recovery [Ali’s Success Story] (2016)

My name is Ali and I got three concussions, three diagnosed concussions from hockey. I probably had a couple more and then I had a concussion from cross-country, of all… Read more »


okay hey guys it’s CristanFaith and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you haven’t been here before so a year ago I posted this video… Read more »