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Mental distress and the criminal justice system – Donna’s Story

Three years ago I thought this was it. I thought, fucking life, I even thought about ending it, you know. I never ever thought I’d be where I am today…. Read more »

Stressful Things About Living in Korea.

Hello, and welcome back to my channel. I think these things that I’m going to talk about today are things that you can relate to if you live in Korea… Read more »

grwm + q&a: college, kpop, dealing with stress, fears, and more!

hello my frens it’s nina and i am bare-faced yet again which means we are doing a get ready with me my skin has seen better days my hormones are… Read more »


Our deepest longing is to have stable, satisfying relationships, but the painful fact is that very large numbers of relationships have one painful episode after another, or seemingly intractable miserable… Read more »