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Bronze-Plat Boomer BeachBall Tourney

yeah superfast beach ball three gold beach ball Carvalho that’s correct u.s. East shall we shall we limit it to platinum shall it be a platinum and below get all… Read more »

Why Does Skipping Coffee Give Me Headaches?

If you’ve ever missed your morning cup of joe and been slammed with a killer headache? You are not alone. Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, from headaches to fatigue, have been… Read more »

How Bacteria Helped Plants Take Over the World | SciShow News

Thanks to Brilliant for supporting this week of SciShow! Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to learn more. [ intro ] There’s a lot written about how early animals transitioned from living in… Read more »

5 Weird Things Your Blood Can Tell You

This episode of SciShow is sponsored by Brilliant! Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to learn more. [♪ INTRO] It usually isn’t possible to simply glance at a sick person and instantly know… Read more »

Why Do I Have Tonsil Stones?

A sore throat can be a sign of all kinds of medical maladies. You might have caught a cold from your coworkers, or just cheered too loudly at the big… Read more »

Sports Safety 101: 3 Tips to Remember About Concussions

Here are three things to remember about concussions: First, learn the signs and symptoms Second, a simple rule: when in doubt sit, them out Finally, if handled properly, most young… Read more »