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We Are Undefeatable: Meena’s story

My husband always says to me, because you’re moody, go for a swim? Some days it’s unbearable, some days it’s okay. I’m either taking loads of tablets or trying not… Read more »

Nanowrimo Day 7: Cozy blankets and back pain [CC]

Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome to day seven of NaNoWriMo. Still going strong, I [sigh] I didn’t think I was gonna write that much today, because I woke up… Read more »

I Lost My Brother

My brother wasn’t the nicest person but we loved each other. And. over time he developed severe depression. One day I was on a class trip and I was having… Read more »

How to Tape a Calf Tear / Strain with Kinesio Tape | Strapping Tape

G’day, My name’s Fergus. I’m a physio at Fit As A Physio. This is some taping techniques I use to prevent and treat injuries. Alright this is Jacob. He’s had… Read more »