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How to Tape a Calf Tear / Strain with Kinesio Tape | Strapping Tape

G’day, My name’s Fergus. I’m a physio at Fit As A Physio. This is some taping techniques I use to prevent and treat injuries. Alright this is Jacob. He’s had… Read more »

Glen’s Pressure Headaches relieved with MyoWorx® Concussion Treatment

I got a concussion nine months ago—around there. And I’ve been experiencing Post-Concussion Syndrome. Furthermore the symptoms were… You know, my main thing was headaches. I just had a lot… Read more »

Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, fatigue, weight gain

hello I’m Denise and this is three months into the program when I began I was having a lot of trouble with sleeping and anxiety some depression and pain I… Read more »