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Horace Beats Chronic Back Pain and Meets Roger Teeter

HORACE: I was always an active person, I’ve always been physical. To have that come to a screeching halt was something I really couldn’t live with. My doctor said that… Read more »

How to Get Natural Back Pain Relief

Back pain is an epidemic because we are intrinsically becoming more lazy, technology has drawn us into computer screens and it’s naturally got us to move less. We’re learning more… Read more »

How an Inversion Table Decompresses Your Spine

The secret to Teeter’s amazing results is inverted decompression. Your body weight creates a natural form of traction that you control by the angle of inversion. The farther you rotate,… Read more »

How to Target Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Hi I’m Riley Teeter and I’m going to share with you a few things that you can do to specifically target low back pain especially for those people that have… Read more »