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Concussion Symptoms: How long do they last?

First question is this your first concussion that you’re talking about? Lke just, or is this successive? First. So I would say again comes down to the why. What concussion… Read more »

How to Prevent Shin Splints and Stress Fractures

Hi I’m Eric Leighton, Certified Athletic Trainer with Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine. Stress fractures often happens when our body don’t have time to recover after a hard workout. The stress… Read more »

Sports Concussion – Community Education Webinar

Good evening everybody, thank you very much for attending the webinar the Sports Medicine Australia sports concussion community education forum. I’m Dr. Andrew Gardner, I am a clinical neuropsychologist from… Read more »

Athletic Trainers Spot Concussions in School Sports | Sutter Health

my son Payton he’s one of five he’s our youngest and the only one of our children who has done sports in high school he started out as a swimmer… Read more »