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The danger of traumatic brain injury, which afflicted U.S. troops after Iranian attack

JUDY WOODRUFF: U.S. tensions with Iran peaked earlier this month, when U.S. forces killed a powerful Iranian general, and Iran responded by firing missiles into bases in Iraq, with hundreds… Read more »

Sports Performance – Stress, Exercise, and Concussions

Nick: Dr. Joseph Maroon is a neurosurgeon. I’m wondering why you’re out swimming 2.6 miles. You’re biking. You’re running. What are you thinking about? Are you in the present, now?… Read more »

Chicago Bears Gary Fencik and Doug Plank Talk Concussions and the NFL

– I started learning how to deal with concussions. I would take a ton of aspirins before the game even started. I don’t know if that would help me. I… Read more »

Triple Stress demo

(upbeat music) – This is a five acre covered test track at the VRC. Engineers design structures like this against failure by understanding how the stress forces are applied to… Read more »