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Dr. Joe Elser Talks About Precautions for Avoiding the Flu

Wear the Gown is sponsored by CHI St. Vincent. As we continue to report on the coronavirus, it’s easy to lose sight of the health risks that’s right in front… Read more »

Headache: When to Go to the ER – WKMG Ch 6 Ask a Doctor Osceola Regional Latha Ganti 4 4 19

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When to Go to the Emergency Room for Headache Symptoms

(dramatic music) – If you have any severe headache, you should get checked out. Any headache that concerns you, you should come into the emergency department. Certainly, a headache with… Read more »

What Conditions Can Be Confused for Concussion Symptoms?

– When somebody has a concussion, or symptoms of a concussion, we talked about headaches, nausea and vomiting, changes in vision. Things like that can happen for a number of… Read more »

I Have A Huge Tapeworm In My Brain

Hi guys! My name is Diana. I’m 16. They say “work hard to succeed,” but sometimes your ambitious plans could be disrupted by an absolutely incredible intervention. Like a tapeworm… Read more »