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TracCollar Demonstration – Neck Traction & Rehabilitation

Demonstrating how easy it is for patients to put this on themselves. So Nicky will just take the upper latch, snap it in and then do the same thing on… Read more »

Cervical Traction Collar Alleviates Neck Pain

The cervical traction collar can be worn in a comfortable, upright position, compared to many neck traction units requiring patients to lie down or be tied to a door using… Read more »

Helping my back and neck pain using the DRX9000C – Spinal Decompression

Hi I am Dr. Hart with Hart Chiropractic and I am standing next to a Spinal Decompression unit. You may ask, “what is spinal decompression?” What is this machine and… Read more »

The Best Exercise For Back Pain

what about exercises the best exercise to strengthen your bag that’s today it’s important now be aware that back pain is like a puzzle and when I say it’s like… Read more »

Your Sciatica-is it from Piriformis Syndrome or a Herniated Disc? How to Tell.

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