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The Truth About Canadian Healthcare

Why can’t America’s healthcare system be more like Canada’s? Here’s what most people who ask that question think they know about Canadian-style healthcare: 1. Everybody gets covered. 2. It’s free…. Read more »

A conversation about the mind-body connection

Hi, I’m Dave Johnson from the Employee Assistance Program and today we are here to talk with Dr. Mark O’Shaughnessy from cardiology about the mind-body connection and some of the… Read more »

Dr. Joe Elser Talks About Precautions for Avoiding the Flu

Wear the Gown is sponsored by CHI St. Vincent. As we continue to report on the coronavirus, it’s easy to lose sight of the health risks that’s right in front… Read more »

🔴ドイツ振動医学による頭痛編|Headache by German Oscillatory Medicine.

It is a healing video channel that can experience the frequency which is said to increase self healing power by listening with earphones. This sound source contains frequencies of bands… Read more »

Tips for avoiding back pain during desk jobs

– Hi everyone, this is Ryan Church from the Comprehensive Spine Center for MountainStar. Just answering a few questions today. The next question goes like this. Are there tricks for… Read more »

HCA Virginia – Neighborhood Health Watch – Knee & Hip Arthritis – Dr. Harry Shaia

– [Announcer] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia Health System. – [Diane] The topic today in Neighborhood Health Watch is knee and hip arthritis. The… Read more »