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Concussion Symptoms: How long do they last?

First question is this your first concussion that you’re talking about? Lke just, or is this successive? First. So I would say again comes down to the why. What concussion… Read more »

GammaCore for Headaches

Welcome to the program. I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional Radio. A lot of us suffer from headaches in one form or another some of them are… Read more »

Medical Myths: Sinus Headaches

It’s actually a pretty complex answer, but to start I would say, most sinus headaches are not from the sinus, and they are not headaches. So, it’s actually a misnomer…. Read more »

Dr . Joe Elser, Pediatrician, Talks About Headaches and Kids

Wear the Gown. Brought to you by CHI St. Vincent. School has started and for some kids this is a stressful time of the year. That can have some painful… Read more »