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Menstrual Pain Treatment Woman Stress Free

An unwelcome monthly visitor, the menstrual pain. Do not suppress, but treat the menstrual pain with Woman Stress free. The Woman Stress Free is not a painkiller for temporary relief…. Read more »

CJW Doc Minute: Why do I hear a heartbeat in my ears?

(light gleeful music) (clock ticking) [Narrator] Why do I hear a heartbeat in my ears? This is a problem that happens with some frequency. But before we get into the… Read more »

Science finds a better way to measure stress, anxiety and depression

(upbeat music) – Our next talk is going to be, again, in wellness, but in a slightly different area and it has to do with mental health which is, as… Read more »

Easy Tool To Make Better Decisions With Less Stress 🙂

Come on in. Join me. Grab your tea or coffee if you prefer. And welcome to 4x4Healing. I’m Bonnie Yost. I’m a physical therapist, speaker, and author who helps people… Read more »