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Fibromyalgia: How to Manage Chronic Pain

(upbeat music) (applause) – An estimated four million Americans are affected by fibromyalgia. It’s a chronic pain condition that can be difficult to diagnose and describe. Vicky shares her story… Read more »

theZoomer Season 7, Ep. 22: Arthritis

[intense orchestral music] [typing] [intense orchestral music] [typing] [intense orchestral music] [typing] – So I’m gonna talk about what is mental health, about aging in mental health, about arthritis pain… Read more »

Bad Wrist and Back pain FIXED in ONE ADJUSTMENT – Dr.Daniel Gonstead Chiropractor

So… Good Morning! Hello! Yeah. How are feeling today? Uh… Feeling… Good? I guess? Mentally. But physically… Not so good. Right, what happened? Uh… Okay, so I went to Switzerland…. Read more »