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Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Yoga Healing Yawn for Migraines

This is called the healing yawn. Simply because it helps nervous tension and helps to alleviate all migraine. All you have to do is to sit comfortably. You could do… Read more »

Shabad Jaap – Sarab Rog Ka Auokhad Naam – cures by gurbani | Free Healing | Free Doctor

Shabad Jaap Sarab Rog Kaa Auokhad Naam ੴ ik oankaar sath naam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal moorath ajoonee saibhan gurprasaadh | baanee guroo guroo hai baanee vich baanee anmrith… Read more »

How to Heal Arthritis and Osteoporosis Naturally at 73

John: Alright, this is John Kohler with okraw.com and this episode is actually interview my friend, Cecilia Star, who I actually met at a Woodstock fruit festival, and she got… Read more »

musique de guérison super puissante

Very powerful healing music Healing frequencies well being and relaxation Relaxation and calm to regain harmony Liberation of physical and emotional blockages Overcoming inhibitions, resistances, fears and complexes. Relaxation of… Read more »