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Stress, Nausea and Headache Relief, Hyland’s Young Adult Serene, Relief of Feelings of Anxiety,

Trouble focusing? Serene works to naturally relieve stress, upset stomach, and irritability. Our quick-dissolve tablets are non-drowsy without side effects and non habit forming. Get into the zone with Hyland’s… Read more »

Homemade Essential Oil Roll On Headache Stick

– See this? This little thing costs me $9.00. It’s an expensive, little migraine roll-on stick. You put it on your temples when you have a headache, and it really… Read more »

Migraine Success Secrets #20 “Take Action Now”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here with Migraine Success Secret number 20. Today I’m going to implore you to take action now. Most people will sit around with health problems and we’ll… Read more »