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Headache treatment

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Headache After Chiropractic Appointment Normal?

Hi, I’m Dr. Raminder Badyal from the Downtown Wellness Centre, I’m a Chiropractor here. Should I expect a headache after a chiropractic appointment? No, that would be very A-typical. In… Read more »

Houston Chiropractor Answers “Can Chiropractic Help With Headaches?”

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Exercises For Headaches

so these exercises are really simple and if you’re just watching you might think that I’m not going to be effective but if you actually try them you’ll find almost… Read more »

For Some Kids, School Is a Headache

I’m Rachelle Grossman with today’s health news. If your child is complaining about a headache, he or she may be trying to get out of school. On the other hand,… Read more »