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James Hicks Heading Off Concussions – UC Irvine (revised)

In water polo, you have players that are passing the ball around. When they catch the ball, they have the opportunity, they might shoot the ball at the goal. The… Read more »

Three Month Headache

I can’t wait to offload it. I’ve got a really bad headache right now. I’ve had it for about three months now. It’s been budget month in D.C. Anyway. There’s… Read more »

When is a headache an emergency?

– You wanna go to the ER with a headache if your headache is accompanied by fever, altered mental status, if it’s a new headache you’ve never had before, there’s… Read more »

Changes in Approach to Concussion Since the 80s

Well, you know, my career started with very few people being interested in concussion at all. So back in the late 80s when I started working in this and writing… Read more »

Lingering Headaches Postconcussion

scenario 3 Weeks Post-Concussion a Child Comes Into Your office complaining of a Lingering Headache she is still unable to participate in normal activities Headaches sometimes do Carry on our… Read more »