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Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Demonstration of Counter Strain Joint Therapy

Hi this is Dr. Simcha Shapiro here with Expert Village. Now we’re going to be talking about a technique called Strain/Counter Strain. Now remember the concept of the technique is… Read more »

Chiropractic Care for Athletes – Low Back Pain and SI Joint

Hi, my name is Dr. Lopez, I’m with Summit Chiropractic & Sports Institute in Spokane, Washington. So today we’re going to be talking about low back pain in an athlete,… Read more »

Scotch Pudding Dessert Recipe : Strain Scotch Pudding

Hello! On behalf of expertvillage.com, I’m Deborah with Deborah’s Delights. I would like to share with you an old family recipe. How to make a scotch pudding. Now that we’ve… Read more »

Yoga Poses for Headache Relief : Yoga Neck Rolls to Relieve Headache

ELIZABETH ROSE: The next thing we’re going to do is bring some movement into this area with all the tension, where your headache is happening. So, I’m going to put… Read more »

Homemade Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Recipe : Strain Mixture for Pumpkin Pie

Hey guys, my name is Jay, and I’m talking to you on behalf of Expert Village. Now that I’ve got all the seasoning and pie mix inside of our little… Read more »