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Heal Back Pain From Spinal Fractures With Lumbar Kyphoplasty

I’m Dr. Pupalla with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers and I’ll be talking about Lumbar Kyphoplasty today. Kyphoplasty is a percutaneous interventional procedure performed to treat lumbar compression fractures of… Read more »

Georgia Southern Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology Opening New Research Labs

With the original proposals and the support of the Board of Regents and the legislature and the governor’s office, we’ve renovated what was a pool area into a service and… Read more »

Concussions: Return to Play

a week after the concussion that child is at risk if they were to have a second concussion we don’t like to return to play until all cognitive symptoms are… Read more »

Lingering Headaches Postconcussion

scenario 3 Weeks Post-Concussion a Child Comes Into Your office complaining of a Lingering Headache she is still unable to participate in normal activities Headaches sometimes do Carry on our… Read more »

Signs of Stress

Stress is part of life. There is good stress that motivates you to achieve and there is bad stress that can affect your mental and physical health Good stress enriches… Read more »