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K Johnson – The Strain (Official Video)

Man aint nothing wrong with smoking weed Weed is from the earth God put this here for me and you Take advantage man Broke it down like a lecture You… Read more »

Cookie Monster Headache

ahhhh you ok Cookie Monster? What’s wrong? Headache Cookie Monster have headache Johny5 Why do you have a headache Cookie Monster? Cookie Monster ate too many cookies last night Cookie… Read more »

2D Glasses! Take the Headache out of 3D

Good morning John, so as you may have noticed, 3D movies are all the rage, and when I say rage, in some cases I mean actual, physical, literal RAGE. I… Read more »

Sofie Says “No Strawberry Nicholas”/Grounded/Concussion Time By Her/Strawberry Nicholas Ungrounded

Sofie: No Strawberry Nicholas! Sprinkle Raging: YES!!! YES STRAWBERRY NICHOLAS!!!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE GOANIMATOR EVER!! YOU ARE GROUDNEDx6 FOR GOOGLEPLEX ENTERNITIES!!!! And for your Punishment, I will summon Strawberry… Read more »