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Why Do We Get the Spins When We’re Drunk?

{♫Intro♫} It’s a story that plays out every Friday night somewhere. People are having a good time with their friends when they have a few too many drinks and suddenly… Read more »

Dad Driving Test – Studio C

[splash] [audience applause] Arvin: All right, you ready? – Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be this nervous to get my license renewed, but… – Awh, I’m sure you’ll be fine…. Read more »


Kids are taking time bombs of stupid. But before we talk about how dumb I was as a kid Today’s video is sponsored by Wix You can check Wix by… Read more »

Post-Con Depression – Ad Parody

Does your life appear monochromatic? Do you sometimes feel yourself moving in slow motion, as if a thick smog impairs your movement? Do you get headaches sometimes? If you have… Read more »