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Nash retires from NHL, citing concussion symptoms – Daily News

Former No. 1 overall NHL draft pick and six-time All-Star Rick Nash has retired because of concussion-related symptoms, his agent said Friday. Until his retirement, Nash trailed only Alex Ovechkin… Read more »

K-Pop Star Kang Daniel Takes Break Over Anxiety Disorder – US News

Kang Daniel is taking a break from all activities because of “extreme anxiety”, his agency KONNECT Entertainment said in a statement  His agency said the artist’s depression and panic disorder… Read more »

Alex Jones Blames a ‘Form of Psychosis’ for Spreading Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories – Daily News

 Alex Jones, the InfoWars host facing a number of lawsuits over his repeated claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax, blamed his controversial comments on “psychosis”… Read more »