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4 Misconceptions About the Flu | What the Stuff?!

– Newsflash! The stomach flu isn’t the flu, it’s just what you tell your boss, when you’re hungover. Science! (calming guitar music) Each year, infection by the influenza virus hospitalizes… Read more »

Did you get the flu shot? Thank a horseshoe crab

>>Hi. Hi friend. He’s like, “What are you doing?” “Please put me down!”>>Here’s a horseshoe crab a creature that’s been around for 400 million years. And here’s Rachel, the scientist… Read more »

The Flu and You | Why is this flu season so bad?

[MUSIC] This year, we think there are two main issues. The flu has come early, usually we don’t start to see the flu until late December, early January. This year… Read more »

Flu vaccination and pregnancy – Free flu shots for pregnant women. Booster three

(gentle music) – Pregnant women who have influenza are five times more likely to end up in ICU than non-pregnant women. Influenza infection during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery… Read more »

Flu Vaccine 2018 – 2019

I’ve made this video to support the NHS and all of its hard working amazing staff this winter so let’s talk flu jabs I’m going to tell you everything you… Read more »