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Eve Dönüş Yolu – The Way Back Home

THE WAY BACK HOME Everything is serene and beautiful. Familiar smells are leading me on my way back home. I’m not alone, but I can’t see the one beside me… Read more »

Unriddle S2 最火搭档 2 Ep 19

Unriddle 2 Episode 19She’s emotionally unstableBesides assaulting her targets…Don’t be rashDon’t be rash!10 hours earlier We’ve known each other for years You still dare take me for a fool! You’re… Read more »

You Can Always Return

(light music) (light rock music) – Perfect. ♫ Smoking room, wherever you are ♫ – Start unbuttoning your shirt. – Like this? – Slower. (camera shutter clicks) Perfect. (laughing) Oh… Read more »

The Flu (2013) – Movie Review

Hello Youtube! I am Torstein from Cinema Terror and if you have Germaphobia, then this film will be a horrific experience for you. The movie I am talking about and… Read more »

TVF Bachelors | S02E02 – Bachelors vs Month End

Uncle, my friend, Shiv, has cancer, in the 3rd stage. So I’m collecting money today for his treatment. His chemo is also on. Show him, Shiv. Son, 3rd stage, right?… Read more »

TVF Bachelors | S02E01 – Bachelors vs Jobs

It’s the final round of the 125th IT Musical Chair Competition. With the open space in the office filled with useless employees. The audience look happy about not working today…. Read more »