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Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Strain Counter Strain Joint Therapy

Hi I’m Dr. Simcha Shapiro here with Expert Village. Now we’re going to talk about an Osteopathic technique called strain counter strain. Now strain counter strain was developed in the… Read more »

Brea Chiropractor Headache and Migraine pain relief Dr Cory Singer

hello everybody, Dr. Cory Singer here from singer Chiropractic Wellness Center here today to talk to you about headaches so what are headaches? Why are they caused? and what can… Read more »

John Juozevicius, MD, UW Health Rheumatology and Arthritis

>>A lot of doctors, unfortunately, just look at data, not talk to people. But in rheumatology, we make the diagnosis a lot by just asking people certain questions. How long… Read more »

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Bronchiectasis – Barbara L

(Music) Hi, I’m Barbara. We have neighbors who live up the street from us, and we happened to run into them, and the husband had a lot of problems walking…. Read more »

Meet Reshma Marri-Gottam, MD, Rheumatology Arthritis | Ascension Michigan

My name is Reshma Marri-Gottam, and I specialize in rheumatology. I chose to go into rheumatology primarily because now it’s the 21st century, there’s so many advances in medicine, especially… Read more »

Iron Deficiency Anemia, All you need to know!

Hey everybody…Let’s talk about iron deficiency anemia. So, in previous videos… We have talked about anemia, what’s anemia, Also, microcytic anemia (low MCV), Iron studies…So, if you need anything from…… Read more »

Migraine Cure Nerve Block | Auburn Medical Group

oh my gosh he announced but it’s like it’s like gone Rebecca who some of you remember from an earwax cleaning video has been having headaches and does have migraine… Read more »