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KT Tape: Neck Pain

This Technique is for middle neck pain occurring usually in this area it’s usually posture related so, sitting at a computer for a long time or driving for a long… Read more »

What is Cervical Stenosis? | Neck Pain | DISC | Woosik Chung, MD

– People often ask what cervical stenosis is, and we typically look at X-rays and MRIs to define what cervical stenosis is. Cervical stenosis simply means tightness of the spinal… Read more »

Holistic Back Pain Therapy : Spine & Disc Anatomy

Let’s take a lesson from nature; let’s look at the strong stout tree trunk that holds the tree erect. The front, the back, and the sides are all strong. Just… Read more »

Holistic Back Pain Therapy : What Is a Pinched Nerve?

I wanted to spend some time today to give you a description of what a pinched nerve looks like. So that you can visualize it in your mind in case… Read more »

Raw Goat Milk Heals 20 Year Vegan of Back Pain

Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw.com. Today we have another exciting episode for you, and today we’re going to talk about something that you probably never thought you’d hear… Read more »

Severe Back Pain Treatment From AVN Arogya (www.avnarogya.in)

मेरा नाम नचइबे है। मैं ४८ साल का हूँ। मैं अफ्रीका में रहे रहा हूँ २० सालो से। पर मैं नाइजेरिआ से हूँ । ५ साल पहले मुझे एक बहुत… Read more »

Holistic Back Pain Therapy : Holistic Breathing Techniques

When you take two breaths you get really well ventilated. You’re going to breathe in and out, in and out. Then, you’re going to stretch your body and try to… Read more »