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Music therapy has an immediate effect on chronic back pain

Music therapy has an immediate effect on chronic backache. depression, anxiety and stress are all identified with back pain. backache, as everyone who suffers with it will know, reduces the… Read more »

X-ray & Arthritis

hello I’m Wendy Holden and I’m a consultant rheumatologist and a medical advisor to Arthritis Action I’m going to speak about some of the myths about x-rays pain and arthritis… Read more »

Traumatic Brain Injury: Concussion Clinic | Kennedy Krieger Institute

At Kennedy Krieger we have decades of experience with children with traumatic brain injury and other forms of brain injury and our concussion clinic program is just one part of… Read more »

Gaining Ground on Arthritis: Managing Arthritis in the Agricultural Workplace

[ Music ]>>So when you came in this morning you weren’t walking too good. What’s the problem?>>My knee is bothering me. Arthritis is acting up.>>How’s your back doing this morning?>>Well,… Read more »

? New Migraine Med That Goes in My Nose! ? (7/7/17)

Look at this new migraine medication goes in my nose *laughs* We’re going on an adventure Ah you’ve got freezing cold hands *laughs Hi, Harlow. Say good morning to the… Read more »