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Calgary Chiropractor – Concussion Recovery Through Chiropractic – Tim H

So I just come out of professional hockey with a lot of concussions, a lot of health problems. Concussions, back, hip, knee, ankle, so it was something that my body… Read more »

Anti-Inflammatory Foods (Fight Inflammation)

A list of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods that fight inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is a very common condition where different parts of the body become swollen, painful… Read more »

Music therapy has an immediate effect on chronic back pain

Music therapy has an immediate effect on chronic backache. depression, anxiety and stress are all identified with back pain. backache, as everyone who suffers with it will know, reduces the… Read more »

Concussion Recovery [6 Head Injuries] [RJ’s Story] (2016)

My name is R.J. Rice. Before the treatment, I had a number of issues, headaches, fogginess, memory loss. I had concussions years ago playing football, both in high school and… Read more »