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Macroscopic Stress Strain Behavior {Texas A&M: Intro to Materials}

Howdy! The purpose of this video is to introduce the structural properties of materials. first we’re going to talk about stress and strain. so if I’m designing any sort of… Read more »

Shear Stress vs. Rate of Shearing Strain (Interactive)

Here we show a plot relating the shear stress, tau, to the rate of shearing stain, gamma, for different types of fluids. Now, based on this plot, and their behavior,… Read more »

Engineering Stress and Strain

For this screencast we are going to discuss how to calculate engineering stress and engineering strain As a reminder these values are the axis of our stress-strain diagram. Where stress… Read more »

Stress-Strain Diagrams

In this video we will provide an overview of engineering stress-strain diagram instrumentals Engineering stress-strain diagrams are developed from physical testing. A carefully prepared test specimen is subjected to a… Read more »