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Guidelines To Concussion Recovery

My name is Matt Eason, I’m a Personal Injury and Workers Compensation attorney in Sacramento, California. I’ve been handling traumatic brain injury and concussion related cases for the last 25… Read more »

What happens when you have a concussion? – Clifford Robbins

Each year in the United States, players of sports and recreational activities receive between 2.5 and 4 million concussions. How dangerous are all those concussions? The answer is complicated, and… Read more »

Learn about Kids’ Concussions With BrainWorks

>>UW 360 is proudly supported by Pacific Office Automation – copy, print, workflow and IT Problem Solved. [music] [bike bell ringing] Sabrina Register: Middle-schooler Jaden Batara leisurely pedals and steers… Read more »

What are concussions?

More than 300,000 sports-related concussions occur annually in the United States. What are concussions? Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that alter the way your brain functions. They are not like… Read more »

Diagnostic Testing for Concussions

– Hi, I’m Dr. McCleary from Orlando Orthopaedic Center. One of the sports medicine physicians. We’re going to talk a little about diagnosis of concussions. Diagnosis is actually a very… Read more »