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Sports Performance – Stress, Exercise, and Concussions

Nick: Dr. Joseph Maroon is a neurosurgeon. I’m wondering why you’re out swimming 2.6 miles. You’re biking. You’re running. What are you thinking about? Are you in the present, now?… Read more »

understanding tramatic brain injury

Now I’m not sure if you see me but im here to give you a better understanding about traumatic brain injury Phonke the medicine man First of all, I believe… Read more »

James Hicks Heading Off Concussions – UC Irvine (revised)

In water polo, you have players that are passing the ball around. When they catch the ball, they have the opportunity, they might shoot the ball at the goal. The… Read more »

What to do when you get a concussion

hey. yesterday I fell off my skateboard hit my face pretty bad. I had a helmet but I still got a concussion, so I was kind of dizzy and I… Read more »