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Concussion in Children – Chris Koutures, MD

According to the American College of Sports Medicine 300,000 sports and recreation related concussions are diagnosed each but they also estimate the actual number is actually 7 times more because… Read more »

HCA Neighborhood Health Watch – The Threat of Concussions

(dramatic music) – [Announcer] Neighborhood Health Watch is sponsored by the doctors of HCA Virginia. – It is a problem that’s getting more and more attention as young people become… Read more »

Andrew Brandt – The Concussion Issue in Sports

welcome back we’re talking about today is this concussion issue is taken a turn we’ve had some lectures hear about the concussion litigation against the NFL about a concussion litigation… Read more »

Should You Sleep With a Concussion?

Should you sleep with a concussion? If you have gotten a concussion while climbing a tree in the yard, and falling asleep means you’re alone in the cold for hours,… Read more »

Concussion Recovery [Michael’s CFX Story] (2015)

Hi, my name is Michael. I have suffered with what doctors have called MS, for multiple sclerosis, for about 16 years now. I had walked with a cane for much… Read more »

Lauren’s sport-related concussion treated with MyoWorx®

I am a varsity soccer player for South-Eastern Louisiana University. So, I’ve been a very competitive athlete for about 18 years or so. During my Freshmen year I received a… Read more »