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Ariel Winter on Her Family Strains

That show, I say it all the time, it continues to be funny. It’s a great show.>>Thank you so much.>>It is, and you’re the smart one on it too, which… Read more »

2D Glasses! Take the Headache out of 3D

Good morning John, so as you may have noticed, 3D movies are all the rage, and when I say rage, in some cases I mean actual, physical, literal RAGE. I… Read more »

Sofie Says “No Strawberry Nicholas”/Grounded/Concussion Time By Her/Strawberry Nicholas Ungrounded

Sofie: No Strawberry Nicholas! Sprinkle Raging: YES!!! YES STRAWBERRY NICHOLAS!!!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE GOANIMATOR EVER!! YOU ARE GROUDNEDx6 FOR GOOGLEPLEX ENTERNITIES!!!! And for your Punishment, I will summon Strawberry… Read more »

5 Reasons Shopping Stresses Us Out

♫ Where in the world is ♫ Superwoman today ♫ Toronto, land of the home. What up, everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman. And I know a lot of you are… Read more »