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Neck tension and Headaches Relieved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder Co.

I’m Kayla I’m 25 almost 26 years old and I’m an athletic trainer. I met Dr. Cristina Coblish originally with a lot of skepticism towards chiropractic treatment, I’ve had a… Read more »


Is your posture causing your headaches? How many times did you hear sit up straight as a child? It turns out your parents were right. Proper posture is an important… Read more »

Sue Kirelik, MD | “Emotional Aspect of Concussion Recovery”

– Hi, I’m Dr. Sue Kirelik with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about the emotional aspects of a concussion recovery. When you have a… Read more »

Giraffe receives stem-cell therapy from CSU veterinarians for chronic arthritis

So we’re here at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo today working with Mahali, a 14-year-old male giraffe, whose had a lot of chronic foot issues. Foot problems in giraffes is a huge… Read more »

The Green Solution | New Strain Creation

Cannabis is a really dynamic plant it has a rich history and culture in the world and here in the US It’s a plant that responds quickly to whatever we… Read more »

Feldenkrais Moves Me | Laurie & Migraine Pain

my name is Lori I am training to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner because I am moved by the Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais changed my life by alleviating chronic migraine pain when… Read more »

Sue Kirelik, MD | “Concussion Recovery”

– Hi, I’m Doctor Sue Kirelik with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Today, I’m gonna to talk to you about when concussion recovery is more complicated. A recent CDC survey… Read more »