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Neck tension and Headaches Relieved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder Co.

I’m Kayla I’m 25 almost 26 years old and I’m an athletic trainer. I met Dr. Cristina Coblish originally with a lot of skepticism towards chiropractic treatment, I’ve had a… Read more »

Episode 228: Chronic Back Pain And A Rare Disease Managed With Cannabis

Intro: Welcome to cannabis health radio, a podcast where we share stories from people around the world. Who are using cannabis as medicine. The information is meant to raise awareness… Read more »

Severe Back Pain Get Relief with Gonstead Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – You’ve had this for how long? – Years? (laughs) – Years. I don’t know how many maybe 10 years. – Ten years? – Wow, okay. Can you… Read more »


Is your posture causing your headaches? How many times did you hear sit up straight as a child? It turns out your parents were right. Proper posture is an important… Read more »