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Eve Dönüş Yolu – The Way Back Home

THE WAY BACK HOME Everything is serene and beautiful. Familiar smells are leading me on my way back home. I’m not alone, but I can’t see the one beside me… Read more »

Depression Is Real

This week in our country, millions upon millions of people will celebrate the gift of freedom. That God has blessed us with a freedom from so many of the things… Read more »

Suicide​, Beliefs, ​and Focus (Youth Night) | Leon Fontaine 2019

Hey it is so good to be here with you and I’m looking forward I’ve been wanting to come and share with you guys a little bit so let’s pray… Read more »

Full Sermon- A Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson Full Sermon

Would you open your Bibles to the first chapter of Nehemiah please? Please just leave that open on your lap. We’ll get to it in the course of my message…. Read more »